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Important Information to Patients and


According to the government new national restrictions from 5th November 2020, members of BAcC will be able to practice in BAcC phase 3: Urgent care and high needs. The position of the BAcC is that acupuncture performed by our members is absolutely a medical or health service and we are supported in this classification by the Professional Standards Agency.

Therefore, the clinic is open for Urgent care and high needs during this new national restrictions till further notice. Patients can still book appointment via text message/call or online. We are strictly following those guidelines and implementing the necessary safeguarding measures to keep you and the practitioner safe. We are open to help relieve the pressure on hospitals and to keep our patients away from busy GP’s by managing acute or chronic conditions and symptoms. To assist those in pain in this stressful time and to help recover well-being after illness.  And to help you recover If you have been affected by Covid-19(mild symptom with online consultation only). 

However, Patients and the practitioner will not be allowed face to face appointments if:

  • They have confirmed OR suspected Covid-19 Check if you have coronavirus symptoms – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • They have or have had in the last 14 days: fever >37.7degC, dry cough, shortness of breath, symptoms of cold or flu like symptoms, loss of sense of taste or smell, sputum production.

  • They live with OR have been in contact with confirmed OR suspected Covid-19 afflicted people OR have symptoms of the illness.

  • They have been asked to isolate by the NHS contact tracers

  • They are considered high-risk and extremely vulnerable

  • They have travelled within the last 2 weeks from ”high risk” countries which are not on the government travel corridor list.

If you are over 70s and at moderate risk , we may first start with a remote consultation.


The following measures have been undertaken in the clinic:

For customers

1. Please fill the Covid-19 declaration and consent form and the registration form online prior attending the appointment;

2. If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19, I am still able to help you with online consultation or a video call consultation. Although I could not give you face to face acupuncture treatment, I can prescribe you some herbal medicine for your symptom;

3. QR code for NHS test and trace will be available to scan in the clinic upon check in;

4. Please use hand sanitizer which will be provided on site after entering the clinic;

5. Face mask or covering will be supplied if the customer forgot to bring one;

6. Arrive on time at your appointment; If you arrive too early, you may have to wait outside the practice;

7. If you are accompanied, your companion will be asked to wait outside the clinic, except for minors and from the same household.

8. Please bring your own towel to keep warm if you wish as we will not provide it under current safe practice guideline;

9. Arrive with as few belongings as possible;

10.If possible, use your own toilet before coming to the practice.

For the Clinic and Practitioner, High Standard of Hygiene at the practice to minimise risk of transmission

1. I will wear PPE including face mask, visor, apron or gloves throughout the treatment;

2. I will only take one patient at one time unless they comes from the same household;

3. There will be 15-30 minutes gap between each appointment to ensure the treatment room/facilities fully ventilated and sanitized.

4. We will clean and disinfect in between use, the couch, chairs, equipment used and all touch points/surfaces with soap, disinfectant spray and disposable paper towel.

5. We will be cleaning hands prior to and after the sessions and dispose of their PPE as per the NHS guidelines.

6. The toilet facilities, including door handles, will be cleaned and sanitized between appointments if it has been used. Soap, paper towels and pedal bin are provided in the toilets.

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